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How does it work?

Step 1

We start with identifying sources of data and extracting the components from subpages. Next, we upload the findings (HTML, PDF files and images) to the server so as to continue the data analysis process.

Step 2

At DMA Labs we convert raw data into structures that enables further analysis. Data is delivered in an easy-to-read form using preferred file formats such as CSV, PDF, JSON, XLSX or any other.

Step 3

We can import web data strictly to your app or continue to analyze it with individual software tools.

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Why DMA LabsDMA Labs solutions

Take your company to the next stage. Be smarter than your competition. Discover the pure power of data and see how it accelerates your business growth. Check our skills and benefits of cooperation.

You don’t have to study programming books for beginners or test web scraping tools and adjust them to your website. It would take time to become an expert, but there is no need to do it. Here comes DMA Labs smart solution: time-saving, cost-effective and available from now on. We offer fast implementation process, compatibility with your existing system and real-time data automatically downloaded. That’s how you can forget about any problems and be prepared for big data delivery.

DMA Labs offer SaaS model (software-as-a-service) — not only creating apps to collect data but also running and host them on our servers. You pay us a monthly fee for regular data download and that’s all. In the same moment, you forget about hosting and maintenance, additional service (like a proxy), app installation on your computer and its security. The only thing that matters is an effect of the process: data delivered once in a single file or regularly - in an automated way. Now relax and focus on earning money!

We’re ready to face your challenges and help you achieve company goals. It works like that: tell us which information you need and just get exactly what you want. We focus not only on the quality of data but also on time of delivery. DMA Labs know that data should arrive always on time, otherwise it can miss the point. Tailor-made big data brings opportunities connected with business intelligence, product managements, CRM and sales forecasting. Take advantage of it.

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Our business philosophy is based on the belief that “Data is the new science. Big Data holds the answers.” Thanks to good quality of data our clients can improve their products and services, make a big impact, get more profit out of their business and stay ahead of the competition. Read how we helped them with data-driven solutions. Enjoy!

Web hosting: domain prices

Delivering daily prices of all 87 domains

Our client is a global leader in domain names and internet security. We were approached to collect and deliver domain prices from almost 90 websites.

DMA Labs created an application collecting data from all the required pages on a daily basis. To fully control the process, we introduced a notification system informing about all the changes in the websites' layouts and scrapers, what empowered us to eliminate failures and always receive the latest data.

The project works continuously from February 2017 till now, basing on a monthly fee for service and support. We've already delivered over 50,000,000 records, using 3 GB of space.

Below you can find the example of the delivered data – an average prices of the domain .com for 5 domain name registrars.

Average prices for COM domain in last year

Real estate: search & collect

Delivering real estate data from Polish websites

DMA Labs created a script collecting prices from 10 most popular real estate websites in Poland. We monitor properties in the whole country on a daily basis, including primary and secondary market. It creates a unique opportunity to follow the changes to find the most profitable deals.

The map presents a subset of the data - apartments from the primary market in Warsaw. Besides properties themselves, precincts reflect the average price per square meter (indicated with colours). Clicking on a given marker or property will take you to the related offer on the website. The map is being constantly updated and the visualization makes searching for the perfect property easier and faster.

Selected current new apartment prices in Warsaw city in PLN per square meter


  • < 6900 PLN
  • 6900 - 7500 PLN
  • 7500 - 8200 PLN
  • 8200 - 8700 PLN
  • 8700 - 9700 PLN
  • 9700 - 12000 PLN
  • 12000 - 14000 PLN
  • > 14000 PLN

ETL tools for eCommerce

Creating and maintaining automation tools for e-commerce clients

To support our e-commerce clients, we provide ETL tools extracting data from the source systems and enforcing its quality. As the final result, we deliver data in a presentation-ready format improving app development and decision making processes.

How does it work for the eCommerce market?

DMA Labs also creates dedicated tools improving and automating processes in online stores. What's important, we can integrate client's warehouse or online store (using any platform, e.g. Shopify, Woocommerce or Magneto) with external systems.

The final result is that manufacturer's products appear directly on the seller's website. Prices and inventory are updated every few minutes, which is impossible to handle manually. The entire store service becomes less time-consuming and allows to reduce costs of humanforce. This solution is perfect for dropshipping model, Amazon, eBay or Google Merchant sellers.

Newly added products on dealer website

Lead generation for B2B marketing

Delivering 2 mln potential customers

DMA Labs can generate hot and valuable leads from the particular industry, gathered in a single file. Which industry do you want to explore? Let us know and let’s start!

Recently we have collected a full list of direct contact data from the yellowpages.comnearly 2 millions of records. The client required big data from different categories, such as law or beauty. It was converted and delivered in a convenient form of an Excel table. As the data was ready-to-use, the client could immediately start working on improving his business performance and generating growth.

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